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    What is the calculation method of steel ball grading?

    sourceվThe authorpengchengThe date of2014/8/1viewed9149

    Mill operation over a period of time, every 7 ~ 10 d to fill the ball, make steel ball gradation become very confusion. The longer you work, the more the ball series, steel ball grading situation it is difficult to calculate. When small mill clearance, but the ratio of good, add after the ball by size classification, gradation and calculation of the number of basic consistent. Large grinding machine, because the quantity of steel ball is too big, classification of steel ball is too time-consuming, caused a difficult to arrange production schedule. Most manufacturers are not adopted, but according to their own requirements, will be bad ball, steel slag and ball picked out, and after compared with standard add quantity, lack of quantity, usually join the largest steel ball, or by experience to join other ball. Steel ball of the gradation is estimated, and the average ball diameter is not very accurate.

    Here is a simple calculation method, that is, using the method of probability and mathematical induction sampling calculation and has some reference value, is introduced as follows: made a 500 mm length 8 wire box, mill material inside empty, open the door into the grinding, grinding warehouse entry, exit two, 3 points along the radial measurement, as shown.

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